One-hitter or chillum – an essential part of Indian culture

Chillum, bat or one-hitter is a plain tapering tube for smoking cannabis of mysterious beginning, customarily employed to smoke opium as well as cannabis. Though nobody is fully sure who utilized chillums for the first time, their earliest trend dates back to the eighteenth century.

The prestige of set the chillum ablaze is often handed over to a smoker who is elder in age and experience having a unique and fragile method to make it. You can read more about chillum or one-hitter here:

Although chillums were smoked by religious people in India, it was later that they start gaining popularity in other people as a fashion, it is where the trend spread to other countries of the world. People who used chillum were called Sadhus as well as Hindu monks belong to the Himalayan region.

A few holy textual contents pertaining to Hinduism, Rig Veda, explains the utilization of Soma, which was an intoxicating liquid, it is believed that the drug was nothing else but marijuana. One-hitters are characteristically rectangular or cylindrical in appearance and shape like a pyramid or cone look – narrower on one side and wider on the other. Continue reading One-hitter or chillum – an essential part of Indian culture